Friday, December 30, 2011

Kelly, Age 26

Enjoy this post reprinted from a guest blogger appearance Anh Dinh recently asked me to do --- and be sure to check out tha-darlinh for even more fashion deliciousness from the Berlin-bred student. 

Kelly Mason, Bartender, Fall 1977
     Mama, this is all your fault.  You taught me to treat my heart like a vault.  Warned not to let bad boys crack the combination --- or good boys open it for my own validation.  If true love is a such a "jubilation", then why ... doesn't it FEEL like it?       
     Only you can fix this.  Somewhere in that sewing basket of yours, find me a hook to reel in what's scattered of the heart that he shattered.  Truth is Mama I'm all at sea; and some miserable dark tide will soon carry away, all that is here remaining of me.
     So hurry Mama.  'Cause I'm thinking real hard 'bout taking, every last pill for the things that are making, you sick.  My champagne days have all ended --- caviar nights long gone.  Only you can give me a reason to go on.
     Yes, this is all your fault Mama.  Don't you dare blame me.  'Cause you taught me how to give love, make and receive.  But, there was never a lesson on how to deal when he leaves ...

In Kelly's Closet

In Kelly's Closet

In Kelly's Closet by thequeenknowsbest featuring clutch bags

*The quote above is a fictionalized account inspired by the people and fashion of a photograph found here.*


  1. She looks absolutely Fabulous!! and love her style! Great guest post and definitely checking her out.

    <3 Marina

  2. OI love the concept of your blog! Very cool and different!