Friday, December 2, 2011

Anna, Age 23

Anna Warwick, Executive Assistant, Spring 1974

      "On Fridays he is most predictable ..." 

Mr. Goodwin:  Morning golf at the country club.  Lunch at 1:00 --- The Hibachi House on Adventura --- with one of the partners (sake, shrimp and Sam are his usuals).  Back to the office for a short conference call at 3:15, and a jolly "Have a great weekend ladies" scheduled for 4:00.
Me:  Pick up his dress shirts from the Kims.  Confirm all of Monday's appointments.  Lunch --- a la me --- with Angela from the 4th floor round 1:30.  A dozen roses to his missus.  A single to his mistress.  Answer any general correspondence, and a cheery "Same to you sir" scheduled for 4:01.

     "... so Mrs. Goodwin, if you DO decide to go through with it, Friday is best." 

In Anna's Closet . . .
*The quote above is a fictionalized account inspired by the people and fashion of a photograph by Jay Maude.

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