Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amanda, Age 17

Amanda Segall, Student, Summer 1993

     "You know," Steph says with a pause, "This will probably be our last summer together."  Observation blended with resignation makes quite a bitter brew.
     Contemplative, Steph slathers on the Coppertone, fighting tears with every stroke.  She was always the more sentimental --- dare say, dramatic --- of the two. 
     "Just because I'm going away for school, does NOT mean I won't ever see you again!"  Snatching the bottle in her most playful-manner, Mandy protests ... and proceeds.  "It's Boston Steph.  Not Bombay."  She was always the more realistic --- dare say, grounded --- of the two.  But deep down inside, Mandy knows that this time, Steph's fears have feet. 
     Reality steals a point.  But, Mandy goes in for the rebound.  "Well I don't know about you, but I'm sure not gonna spend what's left of this summer, down and out about the next!"  Pulling Steph to her feet, she shimmies her hips to a song only they can hear ... And summer never sounded so sweet.
 In Amanda's Closet...
In Amanda's Closet ...

In Amanda's Closet ... by thequeenknowsbest featuring high top shoes

*The quote above is a fictionalized account inspired by the people and fashion of a photograph found here.


  1. love it. Makes me long for summer even more than usual :)
    kaleigh xx

  2. Hi there! I saw your post on the IFB forum and I was really excited to check out this blog! I'm a creative writing student (currently in my junior year), and I think this is a totally cool idea :) If you ever want to collaborate or anything, feel free to drop me a line! Looking forward to following your blog! :)